Lankering Chiropractic – Hemp Oil Editorial Letter

Dear Editor,

What’s the buzz about hemp oil?

Hemp oil is one of the hottest topics these days. The evolution of hemp oil and the beneficial health aspects is making news.

The basic aspect of hemp oil is that it contains CBD as well as other ingredients and it supports the endocannabinoid system.

Hemp oil does not need to contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient which gets you high. So hemp oil will get you healthy, not high.

Our bodies have more CBD receptors than any other receptors. This includes nerve, hormone receptors, and many other types of receptors. These receptors are distributed along the acupuncture meridian pathways and the nervous system. This seems to indicate that our bodies evolved relying on hemp as a vital nutrient.

The purpose of the endocannabinoid system is to bring the body back to balance. It does this by supporting the parasympathetic nervous system.

Our bodies have our voluntary nervous system and the involuntary nervous system. The involuntary system controls our organs, glands, and blood vessels.

The sympathetic system is our fight or flight system. It is our stress and survival system. Most people are stuck in a sympathetic fight or flight pattern. If not that, then they are in a low grade chronic stress syndrome.

Recovery and regeneration are main functions of the parasympathetic system. Other functions also include digestion, detoxification, anti-inflammation, rejuvenation, neuro-protective, and hormonal functions.

The body cannot heal when it is always stuck in a stress mode.

The reason why hemp oil is being recognized in helping so many health conditions is that it supports the healing and rejuvenating functions in our body.

We now have a better insight as to why people have so many digestive issues, immune challenges, and other health challenges.

Our bodies are always striving to maintain homeostasis. By supporting the parasympathetic system, the body comes back to balance.

Another key aspect to hemp oil is the delivery system. It’s not how many milligrams are in the solution. It is how much actually gets absorbed by the body. The most effective delivery is a nano-emulsified liposomal delivery system which absorbs 6-10 times stronger than any other type of delivery system.

The purity of the hemp oil is also critical to the quality of the oil. It is critical to have a pure source.

Even though claims are not able to be made about what conditions can be guaranteed to be helped, there are now over 250 health conditions which have been documented to be helped by hemp oil.

The key is to realize that most health conditions are the result of our bodies being out of balance. The more that we can do to balance our bodies, the healthier we can be. This include addressing the main areas of stress which are physical, emotional, toxins, and nutrition.

People are realizing that hemp is not the villain that it has been portrayed to be.

In health,
Tom Lankering
Basalt, Co