Our Approach

Lankering Chiropractic's approach is to cover the bases. If you think of a baseball field, in order to hit a home run, you have to touch all of the bases. In my analogy, home plate is physical/structural stress.

I utilize applied kinesiolgy to evaluate muscle and nerve function as well as structural misalignment. Second base is mental/emotional stress. I find that most physical ailments have an emotional component to them. I use a technique called NET which helps to release the emotional energy associated with the physical component. Second base deals with toxins. If the engine is dirty, it does not run well. Heavy metals and other toxins can interfere with function.

Third base addresses nutritional deficiencies. This will evaluate if there are any imbalances that may be a contributing factor. I also use supplements to support the healing process. These include natural anti-inflammatories. I have different tools to evaluate this. These include reflex testing, lab testing, and questionnaires. I also use a class IV laser. This is the most powerful cold laser on the market. It helps to reduce inflammation, stimulate cell regeneration, and a host of other benefits. Another factor which I often find as a contributing factor are the feet. If the foundation of the building is off, no matter what you do upstairs will still have problems if the foundation is not stable. I have a machine which evaluates the biomechanics of the feet.

This is the total health approach that Lankering Chiropractic uses for our patients. Call me at (970) 927-9900 to see if I can help you.