The 3 Pillars of Health

1. Brain Health

Brain Tap is a powerfully effective mind development tool designed to help you overcome the ill effects of the fight-or-flight response while achieving physical, mental and emotional balance.

This extensively researched light & sound technology creates a perfect symmetry of sound frequencies and light synchronization for the ultimate in binaural brainwave entrainment and relaxation. The combination helps guide you to a perfect balance of left/right brain synchronization and relaxed brainwave activity. In other words, BrainTap produces the relaxation response, giving your body precisely what it needs to get back in balance and reverse the effect of stress on the body.

At the same time, the BTT sessions that power your Brain Tap guide your mind to a state of laser-like focus so you can rid yourself of negative self-talk and achieve life goals!

There is a growing body of compelling evidence for the supportive role visualization plays in achieving the mind/body connection. Visualization directly influences the body by calming the mind, slowing breathing and heart rate, relaxing muscles and lowering blood pressure, creating an optimal environment for mind/body balance and for radiant good health.

2. Nurtrition

Live your healthiest, happiest life with clinically proven nutrients from our custom testing program.

Welcome to Nutrient Rx

Lab testing.
Customized nutrients.
Life-changing results.

Skip subjective supplementation and get a pure, potent dose of nutrients tailored to your exact needs and desires determined by blood work. Receive research-backed supplements proven to nutritionally support goals of better health, mental/emotional well-being, longevity, weight management, pain management, and more. Nutrients Rx does this by addressing the nutrients your body needs.

Find your body's unique needs, determined by blood & lab work testing 200 biomarkers.

Your own personalized nutrient program of research-proven whole-food supplements.

See your objective, proven results overtime & enjoy your journey to optimal health.

"My heart disease risk dropped in half by taking the right nutrients from the blood work and being motivated by the test reports."
M. Lines

"My patients take the custom paks from this program much more faithfully than a bunch of bottles."
Dr. Teh, MD

"Getting the exact nutrients I need based off blood work and then objectively seeing and feeling the improvements has changed my life. I wish I would have found the Nutrients Rx program years ago."
G. Innes

Ask your Health Professional how to get started today or go to NutrientsRx.com

The journey to a healthier life STARTS RIGHT NOW
4 out of 5 people take a vitamin and mineral regimen of some kind. You're likely included in that statistic. But, how do you know that the vitamins you're taking are ACTUALLY what YOUR body needs? Nutrients Rx determines exactly what nutrients your body needs through blood, lab work and a comprehensive questionnaire. Then, based on your lab results and desires, it creates an easy-to-understand report and personalized supplement regimen with everything included. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month on multiple bottles of vitamin supplements, you'll receive an entire Custom Pak of whole food based vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, and herbs that you know you'll benefit from. How will you know? When you get another set of lab work, you can see the improvement.

How does it work?

  • Purchase Nutrients Rx Blood work & Questionnaire online.
  • Download and print the paperwork. Take them to the lab nearest you when you submit your sample. To find your closest lab, simply enter your zip code at checkout.
  • We'll create your custom supplement regimen based on your needs and desires and ship it right to your door. Your comprehensive blood & lab work report will be available in your personal Nutrients Rx Portal online. Simply take 1 packet morning and evening each day of the custom pak and work to improve your lifestyle.
  • Each month, we will automatically send you a refill of your custom supplement paks so you never have to stress over reordering or running out.
  • Every 6 months, we'll send you a reminder to retest your blood work for only $450, saving you hundreds. This ensures that your needs are continually being met and your health is improving. If changes to your supplement paks are needed, we'll adjust automatically to ensure you the best results.
  • After renewing blood work, you can easily compare previous results side-by-side to the new ones so that you can know you are lowering your risk for disease & increasing your energy & longevity.


The initial one-time purchase of the Nutrients Rx Blood work & Questionnaire program is $590.
This includes:
• Initial Blood & Lab Work Panel - $800 Value
• First Month's Customized Supplement Pak & Bottle of Optimal Digestion - $210 Value
• Health Professional Review & Protocol - $100 Value
• Comprehensive Lab Report - $105 Value

The automatic monthly shipment of your Customized Supplement Pak cost $140 per month.
This includes:
• 1 Month Supply of Customized Supplements Based
Off Your Needs (60 packets with 7 capsules each)

3. Exercise

3. Exercise

Optimal health trainer

Improve body shape

Pain free

Burn more calories

World class PERSONAL training specifically for YOU

We work 1 on 1 with you and your Health Professional to design and implement an exercise program you can do

You can achieve:
•Balanced muscles to keep spine supported and joints mobile
•Improved Energy And Brain Chemical Balance(endorphins)
•Reduced body fat from increasing lean mass and burning calories
With OHT you have access to:
•Partnership with world-class professional trainers
•Programs backed by Hall of Fame Strength and Conditioning Coaches
•The Optimal Health Trainer app whatprovides with training programs,
schedule reminders,and demonstration videos from us
•Your own personal trainer available anytime for questions or concerns have
•Monthly calls and check ups to help keep on right track
•Measurable Health Progress

How does OHT work,and how do I get started?

1. Scan the QR code to schedule an initial consultation with one of our trainers.You will then talk to a trainer about exercise,and set a plan to best execute your goals.

2. You will receive an email to download the OHT app (available on desktop, phones, and tablets) create your login and fill out the comprehensive consultation form which will inform the OHT team trainers of your goals in greater detail, exercise experience, availability and medical history.

3. Using this consultation the OHT trainers will create a personalized exercise program specifically for you based on your doctor's recommendations.The OHT team consists of hall of fame professionals, strength and conditioning coaches from professional sports teams. The best trainer of trainers, and young certified trainers who are schooled for the online training experience.

4.You then will be given a trainer that will oversee your account daily.This Includes Real time help to discuss your program, 24/7 messaging through the OHT app to answer any questions you might have and monthly accountability of your program to help you achieve your goal.

5.Your trainer is committed to help get and be consistent with health promising exercise.

Get started on your journey with elite support to get you to your most lively and optimal self!

Customized Nutrition & Exercise Personal Training!
Regular exercise and nutrition is a key component of optimal health. But, it can be hard to create an exercise routine and balanced healthy lifestyle alone.

Our certified Personal Trainers are eager to work with you. They will create customized exercise and nutrition programs based on your goals to boost more energy, lower body fat, and restore a pain-free lower body.


Meet with one of our Certified Personal Trainers via Zoom for a one-on-one consultation call. On this complimentary call, they will discuss goals, past experience, pertinent medical history, equipment access, schedule availability, dietary preferences, and more. This is a no-strings- attached, free service that we offer to both you and your patients to determine if Optimal Health Trainer is the right fit.

Once enrolled, the customized exercise and nutrition plan will be built within our Optimal Health Trainer app, hosted on a cell phone, tablet, or desktop, allowing for 24/7 access to all programs and materials. Round-the-clock messaging with our team of trainers is available through the app to answer questions, motivate, and hold you accountable to your goals.

Workout programs, exercise videos, nutrition plans, recipes, an accountability calendar, and a body stat progress tracker are all housed within the app which will be accessed by the participant when working out to ensure the workouts are being done correctly, with proper form. Each workout will be tracked within the app, providing accountability from our team of trainers.

Exercise programs and nutrition plans will be adjusted periodically, based on the participant's needs and progress.

A: The initial consultation call is free. Patient pricing is $300 per month. Both require a 3-month minimum commitment, with free cancellation after the initial 3 months (Regularly $700 per month).

A: All OHT Trainers are certified professional trainers and the programs are overseen by the top exercise specialists in the world, including NBA Hall of Fame strength coaches who specialize in performance and rehabilitation programs.