Lankering Chiropractic – Vaccine Rebuttal Editorial Letter

Dear Editor, Once again, the common approach used to retaliate against those who question uses bullying and demeaning tactics. We are increasingly seeing this method to anyone who publicly disagrees or challenges the status quo or has an opinion...

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Lankering Chiropractic – Flu Shot Editorial Letter

Dear Editor, It’s flu shot season. It should be called Fear Shot season. The tactics used by the vaccine companies and the CDC scare you to get the shot. First there is the threat of death. Then you are made to feel guilty that you will give...

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Lankering Chiropractic – Brain Fitness Editorial Letter

Brain fitness can be enhanced when one understands the Gut-Brain Connection. The vagus nerve is the main communication link between the gut and the brain. About 70% of the nerve fibers in this nerve send messages from the gut to the brain. Messages...

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