Lankering Chiropractic – Brain Fitness Editorial Letter

Brain fitness can be enhanced when one understands the Gut-Brain Connection. The vagus nerve is the main communication link between the gut and the brain. About 70% of the nerve fibers in this nerve send messages from the gut to the brain.

Messages from the gut can affect the brain and the reverse is also true.

There are many stresses which can wreak havoc on the gut. These include chemical, emotional, and physical stresses.

Emotional stress plays a significant role in this relationship. Have you ever had a “gut feeling” or been “sick to your stomach”?

When this matrix is out of balance, health issues such as arthritis, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, irritable bowel, leaky gut, and numerous other conditions develop. The gut may be involved with any health challenge.

Improving brain fitness plays a critical role in optimizing health. When the brain is in balance, the body is better able to be in balance.

What can be done to restore balance to the Gut-Brain Connection?

Light and sound therapy are effective in creating neuroplastic changes in the brain. Energy psychology, which deals with emotions affecting the physiology in the body, can be a powerful tool.

A plan to restore balance is necessary.

This includes resetting one’s diet, lifestyle, and mindset. Remove foods that are damaging to the gut. Replacing digestive enzymes and restoring gut flora are often essential to better health.

There can be many dynamics which cause dysfunction. Understanding these stress factors can lead to better health.