Lankering Chiropractic – Flu Shot Editorial Letter

Dear Editor,
It’s flu shot season. It should be called Fear Shot season.

The tactics used by the vaccine companies and the CDC scare you to get the shot. First there is the threat of death. Then you are made to feel guilty that you will give others the flu. The reality is that those who get the vaccines pose a greater risk of spreading the flu excreting the viruses through their breath.

The report of deaths is an example of distorting information and numbers. Sometimes these numbers are reported to be in the thousands. What is being counted as deaths from the flu are not just that. These numbers include secondary infections such as pneumonia, other respiratory diseases, and even sepsis.

Last years flu vaccine was only 36% effective. Studies indicate that one may be more susceptible to more severe types of flu. How many people do you know who got the flu after they got a flu shot?

Other studies indicate that the risk of miscarriage in pregnant increases significantly with a flu shot.

The ingredients in a flu shot are scary. They include mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, and other toxins. How do these toxic ingredients mix together to create health?

The biggest factor that has been shown to reduce the risk of getting the flu is to optimize your vitamin D levels.

Eating healthy is crucial to strengthening your immune system. Focusing on eating vegetables and fruits are critical now.

The gut microbiome is also important to support.

Remove sugar from your diet. It is horrible.

Detoxification is also important. Toxins weaken the immune system.

Feed your body properly. Remove the toxins, and ensure the energy is flowing optimally to strengthen your immune system.

Tom Lankering, DC
Basalt, Co.