LOVE you guys! You saved my life!

For more than 10 years,

I woke up as if someone had beaten me with a bat while I slept.
I gagged and/or vomited every time I brushed my teeth.
I was constantly nauseated, dizzy and light-headed.
I had hypoglycemia (low-blood sugar), and I was always starving.
My memory was impaired.
My brain was in a fog.
My muscles were sore, and my neck and shoulders were so tight that I met with a chiropractor 2 times a week for temporary relief.
I suffered with a painful belly: gas, bloating and cramps.
I had difficulty breathing and shortness of breath.
My skin was blotchy, itchy and bumpy.
I was constantly exhausted and needed periodic moments of rest.
I was so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

My traditional blood work always came back "NORMAL," some docs told me take a ton of pills, some said it was "the natural part of aging," (I was only 27 at the time, are you F*^%$#%# kidding me?!), and MY favorite response from docs: "there's nothing wrong with you; it's all in your head"!

Since January 20, 2013, I have eliminated all the foods to which my body has a response, and I have been eating foods my body tolerates and welcomes.

Within 6 WEEKS of my compliance, I was, and still am, FEELING TERRIFIC!
I lost 28 lbs (I fit into clothes I wore when I was 20 yrs old)!
I wake up feeling rested!
I am flexible!
My stomach is nearly flat!
My eyes, ears, nose and chest feel clear!
Joint pain: Gone!
Sore muscles: Gone!
Itchy, blotchy skin: Cleared!
Puffy, swollen, Garfield eyes: Deflated!
I can think more clearly!
The painful belly? Gone too!
And I have energy to spare!
And I am so much more pleasant and happy! Not feeling well made me cranky.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J. T.

Dr. Tom has been my chiropractor for fifteen years. I consider him quite extraordinary both as a caregiver and a person. Dr. Tom is what I term "cutting edge," always seeking new and better techniques in order to serve his patients on the highest possible level.

Dr. Tom is a healer. His work is multi-level: physical, mental, and emotional. My husband and I call him "Dr. Wizard" for his ability to find out the basic cause for the problem at hand and how to correct it.

We love our Chiropractor!




I have been exceptionally pleased with the attention and treatments that Dr. Tom Lankering has provided for two problems I have had. In the first instance, which occurred some years ago, I developed leg and lower back pain that was sciatica. Dr. Tom launched a series of treatments over a 2 - week period and fixed the problem. It has never returned. Things improved after the first 1-2 offcie visits and then disappeared completely. I was quite impressed!

The second issue concerned my right knee and occurred in January 2012, after 3 days of skiing. My right knee became quite "annoyed" and I really did not know why. So off I went to see what Dr. Tom could do. As before, he diagnosed the problems/issues and began corrective treatments and assorted adjustments that chiropractic doctors do, which in this instance also included inserting orthotics in my shoes. My knee improved considerably following the first visit and got progressively better on successive visits. The pain, muscle aches, and general discomfort have now gone away and my knee is pretty much back to normal. Again, I have been truly impressed with the results his treatments produce. This man is very good at what he does, believe me! Plus, he is a most delightful person and fun to be around.

I heartily and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Tom Lankering for chiropractic care.


Improving the Quality Of Life

I visited Dr. Tom with severe headaches, neck, and shoulder pain after being involved in a car accident with some deer this winter. Dr. Tom worked intensively with me for a few months, through manipulations, massage, and an emotional release technique. My body responded and healed. Tensions were released that I was not even aware I was holding on to! My headaches are gone. My neck and shoulders feel better than they have in years. My posture is much improved. I am able to deal more effectively with day-to-day stress and I have a general sense of well-being.

Also, Dr. Tom diagnosed my adrenal fatigue and prescribed the vitamin supplement Adreno-Lyphe. I love this stuff! My husband was unemployed for several months and the financial stress was non-stop. Also, even thought I eat healthy and exercise daily, I watched the numbers on the scale slowly creep higher. After taking Adreno-Lyphe for 3 months, I began to win the battle! I am happy to report that I have lost 11 pounds and am now 1 pound lighter than on my wedding day 5 years ago!

Thank you, Dr. Tom, for improving the quality of my life. I recommend your services to all my friends!

Diana B.

Sight Improved!

My name is Diana Davie. I'm a reasonably fit, well-adjusted 48 year old New Zealander. I'd been treated by a chiropractor some years ago but on way or another, hadn't had occasion to seek treatment until a lower back complaint caused by horse riding and compounded by a ski fall brought me to Dr. Tom Lankering. I mentioned in the patient form that my ability to read small print had been deteriorating steadily all year. "Didn't think much could be done about it - after all I am pushing 49 going on 50!!

Well! How wrong could I be? After Dr. Lankering worked on me, not only was my back moving freely but just a little adjustment to the neck and it was instantaneous! I could read small print, all print - I didn't have to hold forms out at arms length to get some semblance of the words. I could read normally! I was about to book myself into the optometrist for glasses - not now!!

Thank Dr. Lankering - the Aspen Ski School did me a great favor when they referred me to you.

Diana D.

Life Restored After Severe Low Back Painkillers
I came to the chiropractor in early February with severe low back pain. I was in extreme pain and could barely walk or move. After a few treatments with Dr. Tom I started feeling better. I was overweight. I discussed nutrition with Dr. Tom. I decided to start doing something about my weight and began dieting and taking nutritional supplements which Dr. Tom recommended.

Within a week I began to loose wight and feel better. The vitamins were working on my poor digestive system and the loss of weight was helping my physical problems. My lower back was getting better each day and Dr. Tom was also working on my neck for other problems I was having with arms and hands (numbness). Now I can state that I have lost 20 pounds due to my dieting and nutritional supplements. The pain in my back is gone! I've experienced less problems with my neck and arms and I've become much more mobile.

I am much less tired in the morning and am able to sleep better. I feel that Dr. Tom Lankering and his awareness of my problems have definitely helped me. I am continuing my diet and the nutritional supplements until I reach my goal of 185 pounds. I have a way to go but I feel confident I will attain this goal.

Thank you for all of your help and continued enthusiasm.

Bill S.

Avoided Surgery

I was determined to avoid surgery and I don't believe that is the answer. After having a trapped nerve for 18 weeks and having epidurals, acupuncture, and physical therapy, I had given up. I tried chiropractic care with Dr. Lankering. After only 3 visits the nerve was untrapped and I was off the painkillers, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers. I continued treatment and now have resumed normal activity and am off on my travels once again. As for surgery? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ann S.

Active Lifestyle

Anyone with an active lifestyle knows how devastating and injury can be.

A simple move may throw out your lower back. This type of injury can take weeks, even months to recover from. I have found that if this type of injury receives immediate attention, you will be back in action in a matter of days. The key is to seek help immediately - don't wait!

Dr. Tom Lankering uses the best techniques in evaluating and treating injuries of this kind. He knows his stuff.

Allergy Sufferer

I have had an allergy problem all of my life. I have gotten prescriptions for allergies numerous times and they would work but they did not help the problem. After taking supplement and homeopathies for one month, my allergies have stopped. I don't have itchy eyes or that histamine feeling in my nose. I am able to work in the fields and even buck hay! I am not sneezing at all!

Strongly recommend this care to everyone who has severe allergy problems. It really works!

William S.

I have been going to Dr. Lankering for 22 years and he has help me tremendously over those years with different issues. He is always very thorough and asks if there is anything else he can help with which shows that he really cares about his patients. I have recommended Dr. Lankering to other people and everybody as far as I know has been very happy with his work.

Stefan P

I called Tom Lankering after dealing with a pretty crippling level of pain in my lower back and hips for over a year. I could not hike, or do yoga, not to mention being in pain day and night. I am pleased to report that after seeing Tom, he has not only gotten rid of the pain but has turned me on to a fabulous line of vitamins and Brain Tap. My quality of life is back! Thank you so much Tom!

Michelle S.

I highly recommend Dr. Lankering. He's very caring and loves to heal people.

Walt T.

The Greatest!

This is the greatest thing I've found in Aspen, Colorado!

Martha K.

End the Pain

At a time when so much controversy is in the air, it is so refreshing to know there is still a good part of Human Nature that can affect one's life so drastically they are willing to live it again.

When I walked into this doctor's office I told him if it were not for my two daughters needing there mother, I was in so much pain I would happily do myself in. My back and hip caused me so much pain I could not sit, stand, or lay. I would crawl out of bed and pace the floor at night. Night after night of no sleep and so much pain.

Headaches to go along with all the other pain, I became so miserable, so depressed, unable to function without great effort. I tried all the conventional methods of care, two different doctors, physical therapy, X-rays, to no avail; the pain just did not go away. A friend suggested I go to see Dr. Tom Lankering. This doctor gave me back my life and for this I will be forever grateful.

Dr. Lankering's kindness, professionalism, and a method called CRA worked. My headaches no longer exist, my attitude is now a happy one, and my pain is now so minimal living is once again a joy. For anyone in pain, wanting relief I highly recommend Dr. Tom Lankering.

Thank you, thank you for everything Dr. Tom. May your life be as blessed as you have blessed mine.

Teri E.

My name is Derek and I am 14 years old. I have been going to see Dr. Tom since I was only two months old. I cannot see how anyone could not go to see a chiropractor at least twice a month. The main concept with the chiropractor is to keep your body in a healthy state of being. A few of the symptoms that chiropractic work has eliminated for me are headaches, colds, flu, any type of muscle or ligament aches, and many others.

Another benefit from Dr. Tom is that it is a great help with all of the sports that I do, Including snowboarding, skateboarding, golf, fly fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and other ridiculous things. My main sports are snowboarding and skateboarding. I have gone to the National Championships twice for snowboarding. But what chiropractors so for you is after you are out of alignment some of the parts of your body don't function properly. Chiropractors fix that.

So like I said, I don't understand how you cannot see a chiropractor. If I did not, I would be really messed up. So as long as I play sports, I will go to see Dr. Tom. I would recommend you doing the same as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this testimonial. See you at Dr. Tom's!

Derek S.

No More Severe Headaches!!

I am a 40 year old woman who has been plagued by severe headaches since I was a teenager. Although I have tried every drug available as it came out, including muscle relaxers, (sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't) my headaches persisted through the years. They could come up at any time for any reason. Once they were full blown, I was virtually unable to continue with my day.

My sister suggested I go to a chiropractor. "Why not?" she said. I am very skeptical of going to any doctor for anything, but I was willing to try anything.

Since my visits, I have had no headaches and have always come away feeling very good and my muscles relaxed.

I am very satisfied and am in less, if not, no pain.

Marianne B.

No More Headaches!

When I was about 11, I began to have what was later diagnosed as complicated migraines. During the migraines I twitched, spoke incoherently, and I would experience paralysis afterward. I went to a neurologist and he tested me and found nor reasons for my migraines. I was put on medications that barely helped me. My family and I were getting desperate.

We read some books, and many suggested trying a chiropractor. We decided to go see Dr. Lankering. He took x-rays and concluded that my spine was out of alignment. He began to adjust me, and at first I went 3-4 days a week. After a short time, I didn't have complicated migraines though I did experience painful headaches. Now I am virtually headache free. And I hardly ever get migraines. When I do, they're typical. I visit Dr. Lankering 2 times a month and I feel much better than before. I recommend chiropractic to anyone who has any headaches at all. Chiropractic is truly amazing.

Catherine S.

No More Pain

Thank you Dr. Lankering For those of you who know me and don't know me, I have a reputation for spectacular crashes. So I have some good reasons that I was in pain before I saw Dr. Lankering.

However, the tension in my back from all those crashes skiing, biking, and kayaking has gone since seeing Dr. Lankering.

Dr. Lankering did not ask me to write this. The reason I am writing about Dr. Lankering is I did not even realize that I had been in pain until it had become extreme. Some pain is so gradual you just get grouchier and grouchier. I was tired of being grouchy.

The week before last, over the weekend I was reduced to total rest because my back was sore. I did not sleep well and felt weak.

Monday, I was adjusted by Dr. Lankering and realized the next day after sleeping that that was the first time in about five years I had slept all night.
"Weird stuff?' I don't know what to say, but that was worth it. As a chiropractor, Dr. Lankering did more to ease my suffering than any conventional doctor ever has.

If you're going to do all the crazy sports out here you are going to need special care. Today, all great athletes have chiropractors helping them win, and if you work like a great athlete, you need this care too. If you are in pain I strongly recommend you give Dr. Lankering a try.

Thank you Dr. Lankering,

Kenneth G.

Winning Against Lupus

Dr. Tom Lankering has helped me regain my health.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Diffuse Progressive Systemic Sclerosis. Countless doctors and specialists told me there were no treatment and no cure. Longevity is 7 to 10 years. This disease started a few months earlier with my fingers swelling. The doctors thought I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so they proceeded to perform two back to back surgeries on my hands within one month. In retrospect, I think this catapulted me right into full blown Scleroderma.

My hands and arms became still and inflamed. I was fatigues beyond belief. I had been a marathon runner so I knew what tired felt like after a race. This was a billion times worse! All the muscles and tendons in my body were inflamed and caused painful friction rubs. I could literally hear the muscles rubbing against the bones every time I moved. Eventually I was unable to walk. Every joint in my body was painful and swollen.

I gradually lost the use of my hands. Flexion contractures made my fingers bend in a frozen position. My wrists were frozen in a straight position. I had unbearable searing, jolting pains coursing through me legs and arms. The skin on my face, legs, and arms became very hard, thick, and shiny. My face changed drastically. Sometimes I would see my reflection and not recognize myself. I literally lost my upper lip.

At this point my doctor had me taking a variety of very toxic drugs. Nothing seemed to be helping and I began to feel my body shut down. I was getting weaker and weaker. So I began to search for alternatives. I found a good acupuncturist and went for treatments every two weeks for 1 ½ years.

I found a wonderful woman who did healing touch. I devised my own chakra therapy and began to meditate seriously. Color therapy, aroma therapy, visualizations, positive affirmations, and supplements rounded out my regime.

I had started to feel a little better. The inflammation and skin had improved a bit. My body was still really stiff and every muscle ached. I was having difficulty sleeping because my neck and back hurt so badly.

So last February I went to see Dr. Tom. His nutritional supplements plus three adjustments a week have improved my health immeasurably. My skin is now soft and almost normal. My joints do not hurt at all. The stiffness is gone and my muscles do not ache. I have full range of motion in my elbows and wrists. My face has softened and I'm starting to look like me again! I'm starting to get my upper lip back. I'm able to walk three miles and I sleep like a baby.

The horrible indigestion and heartburn had gone thanks to Dr. Tom's adjustments and massage of the diaphragm area. The fingers of my left hand are almost normal. My right hand's fingers are still frozen but I feel they will loosen up eventually.

A couple of months after I began seeing Dr. Tom, as I was fixing dinner, I stopped and realized I was dancing to a song on the stereo! It had been 2 ½ years since I could move without pain! I was loose! I was Joyful!

I really don't know how I will ever be able to thank Dr. Tom. He has been so positive and supportive all along. He is truly a wonderful healer.


Sue S.