Lankering Chiropractic – Guest Commentary Editorial Letter

Dear Editor,

Man’s basic instincts to explore, investigate, and question have been both a blessing and a curse. They have led to the discovery of the wheel and fire. They have put us on the moon and beyond.

We live in an area where nature constantly reminds us that we are but a small piece in these mountains. Recently we have been reminded of the power and presence of nature by avalanches and wild fires. Some realize that nature is always at work and we are subjected to the forces of nature.

Sometimes we may forget that we are a part of nature, that we are separate from the universal laws. This lapse can sometimes create problems.

The body has an Innate intelligence which enables it to respond and recover from stressors if we remove the interferences and provide it with the right resources. We don’t have to tell our bodies how to heal when we cut our finger. It knows how to heal.

We have a right to freedom of thought, speech, conscience, religious belief, and the right to dissent. Our constitution protects these civil liberties.

Throughout history, those who have questioned the status quo or the establishment have had to endure various tactics. Often name calling is one of the first weapons. If that doesn’t work then sometimes threats are used. When those methods don’t work then the threat of force may be imminent. Make no about it. Bullying is alive and well if you challenge beliefs and dogmas.

Many things are happening in the world which are concerning. While civil discourse is a possibility, the art of discussion seems to have been lost.

One area that brings up many questions is the topic of health care in the US. Make no mistake about it. There are miracles which occur as a result of our technology.

Yet, there are some things that make me wonder.

Why is our country ranked 45th in the world in health care?

Why is our health care system the third leading cause of death in our country?

Why do we have the highest rate of infant mortality when we have the highest rate of vaccinations?

How can a cocktail of neurotoxins and cancer-causing agents transform into a healthy treatment?

Why are there no safety studies on the vaccine schedule that is recommended for children?

Why does the vaccine industry have full immunity from liability?

Why are our children sicker than ever with chronic illnesses?

How did tobacco, asbestos, and opioids get away with being OK for so long?

Robert Kennedy, Jr. has recently won cases against Monsanto for hiding information showing that Round-Up is cancer causing. He also recently won a case proving that vaccine companies are not maintaining safety studies.

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is the capture system in the US. A study commissioned by Congress and performed by Harvard Medical School concluded the VAERS is only reporting one percent of the events happening. In 2018 VAERS reported 58,381 events, 412 deaths, 1,237 permanent disabilities, and 4,217 hospitalizations. Do the math if this is only 1% of what is reported.

Measles was a childhood illness which was a rash and a fever for a few days. It served a role to build our immune systems. When did this change?

There are reports that a significant portion of measle outbreaks are in vaccinated populations.

Now we are seeing Facebook, Amazon, and a concerted effort to censure those who are questioning these health practices. Is this a modern-day book burning?

Why are those who are vaccinated worried about those who are not? Don’t the vaccines work?

In the last ten years there have been no deaths reported from vaccines but there have been deaths from the measles vaccine.

These are questions which should be leading to an open discussion. Nobody wants anyone to be hurt or sick. These are topics which need to be explored.

The science is not settled and our health is getting worse.